Manufacturing Unit Profile

Suits, Jackets, Overcoats, Waistcoats   

We partner with a major industry in Bulgaria who manufacture high end Suits, Jackets, Overcoats, Waistcoats of any design as per customer's need and manufacture them according to their style and specifications.

Manufacturing Unit Profile: (Below is our partner manufacturing profile)

The factory has four production lines, equipped with the newest technologies of the industry leaders.

CAD-CAM systems of Lectra

14 cutters

14 cutting tables

MTM-MTO Wool Suits

Wool Suits

Wool & T/R Suits Collection 1

Wool & T/R Suits Collection 2


Ladies Businesswear

Suit Fabrics

Men's Dress Trousers

Men's Casual Trousers

Denim Trousers

Fency Trousers

Mens Sweaters

Shirts Collection 1

Shirts Collection 2

Tie Collection

Ladies Partywears

Shoes Collection


Leather Bags

Cutting Area

Sewing area

special working places of Durkopp and Pfaff

ironing Brisay

production line for trousers with automats Durkopp and Baisler

Eton transport system


Four production lines, equipped with the newest Brisay machines.


1500 suits/daily

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