Manufacturing Unit Profile (China)

Suits, Jackets, Overcoats, Waistcoats   

Manufacturing Unit Profile: (Below is our partner manufacturing profile)

Our Partner suit production base is located in Dongqiao Industrial Park ,Yinzhou Ningbo China. We manufacture suits with T/R Fabrics, Poly Viscose, Wool, Wool combination in our partner unit. We also make kids suits in this manufacturing unit.

Factory Capacity

Large scale enterprise

8 production lines

More than 1500 workers

More than 350 sets of international first class equipments

2000 suit sets / day

fixed assets > RMB 100 million

MTM-MTO Wool Suits

Wool Suits

Wool & T/R Suits Collection 1

Wool & T/R Suits Collection 2


Ladies Businesswear

Suit Fabrics

Men's Dress Trousers

Men's Casual Trousers

Denim Trousers

Fency Trousers

Mens Sweaters

Shirts Collection 1

Shirts Collection 2

Tie Collection

Ladies Partywears

Shoes Collection


Leather Bags

quality Verification System


Environment Verification System


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