Manufacturing Unit Profile (China)

Suits, Jackets, Overcoats, Waistcoats   

Manufacturing Unit Profile: (Below is our partner manufacturing profile)

Our Partner suit production base is located in Wenzhou Industrial Zone, China. We manufacture High end wool / wool combination suits in our partner unit.

Factory Capacity

Factory Size - 3500M²

The factory has four production lines, equipped with the newest technologies of the industry leaders.

Employees - Over 1300

Daily Production - Over 2000 Suit sets

Annual Production: Over 600,000suits

MTM-MTO Wool Suits

Wool Suits

Wool & T/R Suits Collection 1

Wool & T/R Suits Collection 2


Ladies Businesswear

Suit Fabrics

Men's Dress Trousers

Men's Casual Trousers

Denim Trousers

Fency Trousers

Mens Sweaters

Shirts Collection 1

Shirts Collection 2

Tie Collection

Ladies Partywears

Shoes Collection


Leather Bags

Factory Work Culture


In 2003, our partner obtained the following 3 qualifications: ISO9001:2000, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, and in the same year, Chinese government authorized suit as “Exempt-Inspection-Product.”


Authorized as one of the 10 trial enterprises of CSC9000T (China Social Compliance 9000 For Textile & Apparel Industry), Our partner is taking the lead to put the system into practice.

Under severe ITS and SGS European authorization, Our partner makes sure its commodities are produced under safe and healthy conditions by reasonably-paid adults to be in accord with international standards.

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